The one thing which tells me that I'm a good software engineer is that I have a thousand ideas! Most of them never make it into a file in the first place, and of the few which do almost all of them die a day after start. There is a whole graveyard of dead projects spread across my drives - trust me, it's huge!

Anyway... below is a collection of things which are actually worth showcasing. I think.

Christmas countdown

Yep, it's exactly what you think it is! Just a small Christmas countdown, because there is no better way to tell when it's Christmas other than using a website made just for this purpose!


Let it snow - on your desktop! Snowland is a live wallpaper renderer, much like Wallpaper Engine. At the moment Snowland is still in early development. That being said, it is usable already!

Crash it!

The most pointless things sometimes make sense. Believe me or not, but crashing a program on purpose can be fun and useful. Ok, mostly fun, but also useful!