Hi there! I'm Janrupf. I love listening to music while I chop away at a keyboard all day long. This page is all about me and my tech adventures - or sometimes misadventures. I can mainly be identified by my way too long texts and my love for exploring the depths of computers.

You know what you can do by writing long texts? Despite annoying people you can make blog posts! Instead of boring technical talk I enjoy casually ranting and talking about software and hardware.

For now it will be a bit empty here, but I'm sure in one or two months there'll be lots of content!

Recent articles

Crashing programs for fun and profit

31 minute read

Aw snap, how could that possibly have happened? Right, it's frustrating when programs crash over and over. But did you know that you sometimes really want things to crash?

A new website, and a Blog!

18 minute read

Do you know that itch when something just isn't right and you feel like it needs to change? Now, I doubt many people have this feeling regarding websites - but if you own one, you may know what I'm talking about!

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I like to do a lot of crazy stuff! Some projects of mine can be found here, for more you should check out my GitHub.